The verse serves as a reminder that we should always seek God. Just as our body requires and needs food and water to function, we need God in our lives to live a spiritual life. Seeking God should not just be when we need help or when we are in difficult situations but all the time. Even though God will always be there in times of trouble, we are called upon to always seek God, even when we have no problems in our lives. For example, some people might start seeking God when they are going through difficult times, however, as soon as God delivers them through those times, they start to forget about God and only start seeking God again when they are in another bad situation. When the Israelites traveled through the desert, they constantly asked God for things, and God always provided for them, but soon they forgot the great miracles God had done for them and started to walk according to their own ways, which led to God rejecting them. This should be a reminder to us all that our relationship with God is not just for us to reap the benefits but instead, it is a relationship with a father who we turn to at any point in our lives. It doesn’t matter how high or low we are in our lives, our want to seek God should never waver. We should always try to strengthen our relationships with God. This can be done by prayer or meditating on the word of God.