There are several blessings promised in this verse. However, the key point to be noted is
that, only one who has HOPE (ie, willing to wait on the Lord) is eligible to get these blessings.
Having hope (waiting on the Lord) does not come easy, especially when facing difficult
circumstances. The ‘wait’ can be quite trying. It could lead us to question everything. As such,
one element that is critical to enable us to hope in the lord is FAITH. They are, in a sense,
interrelated. Blindly having faith is essential to continue to keep up our hope. Blind faith means
to trust in God, without an ounce of doubt completely. Once our hope dies, slowly (over time) it
becomes an attack on faith and vice versa.

Therefore, before all else, we should work towards building up our faith. There might be
situations where we might make mistakes or question our choices and sometimes even our
faith. But in the end, it is vital to repent, build your faith, keep your hope. Then, and only then,
will one see the wonders of God.